Sterilization Practices

Sterilization PracticesIt is our desire that each and every patient rests confidently in our efforts to maintain the highest level of performance in sterilization and housekeeping.

The first line of patient protection in the treatment room begins with the use of disposable barrier covers on all patient contact surfaces, as well as, disposable air/water syringes and disposable evacuation tips. After each patient, all barriers are changed and each treatment room is disinfected with an appropriate surface disinfectant aimed at cross contaminants. The product used is a germicidal, broad spectrum, anti-bacterial, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal disinfecting solution.

All staff members must wear appropriate personal protection equipment including mask and eyewear. New gloves are put on prior to initiating treatment and are discarded upon leaving treatment area. After each patient, all instruments are debrided by Ultrasonic cleaner. All handpieces and instruments are then processed by Chemiclave sterilization, which utilizes chemical, heat and pressure. The Chemiclave is maintained and monitored daily and biologically tested off site on a regular basis.

We invite you to ask questions about our techniques and procedures at any time.