John Haley DDS and StaffWe appreciate the compliments we receive from our patients.  We work very hard to make your visit to Doctor Haley enjoyable.

It is our sincere honor to participate in your dental care, and to help contribute such an important life long benefit.

Below are a few comments that our patients have written.

 Thank You

John C. Haley and Staff





Visiting the dentist has always been a source of stress for me. After being referred to Dr. Haley and his staff, I can say that I no longer stress about visiting my dentist anymore. Now that Dr. Haley is my dentist, I look forward to having my teeth cared by him and spending time with his staff.

I have recommended him to many of my friends and they too state that he is by far the best dentist they have ever been too.  I would encourage everyone to vist Dr. Haley and see for yourself that he he best dentist you could find today!  Janet C. 

I was introduced to Doctor Haley through my church.

I was new to the area and needed a dentist and WOW was I surprised when I met doctor Haley. You just never know when you get a recommendation of how that recommendation is going to turn out. Well I am here to tell you that this was the best recommendation I every received.

It is so nice to have a dentist that actually cares about your well being. Doctor Haley is so personable I forget that I am at the dentist. I actually have fun visiting him and his excellent staff. His work is top notch, best of class and pain free. What else can I say; he is truly the best out there!

I am very pleased to recommend Doctor Haley to anyone looking for professional dental care from a dentist who cares about you.

It has been our good fortune to know Dr. Haley, his office staff and his family these past 18 years.

During this time, they have provided us with excellent dentistry.

They have been available to us at any time we needed care. We would highly recommend him for your entire dental needs.

We were told of Dr. John Haley by a neighbor when we came to Florida back in the mid 80’s.

We have found Dr. John to be a painless and professional dentist and would highly recommend him to our best friends and relatives.

When I started going to Dr. John, I was told I needed periodontal work, bridges, crowns and fillings. I fell apart! Dr. John comforted me and the work was done. Through the many appointments, I felt no discomfort. We both have our semiannual checkups and have been receiving good reports.

As strange as it might seem, I love to go to visit my dentist for my checkups!

For over 10 years, I have actually enjoyed having Dr. Haley fix my teeth ranging anywhere from crown work to the whitening of my teeth. He is so gentle, even when he gives me a shot of Novocain, I do not even feel the needle.

He is the best dentist I have ever had work on my mouth! I cannot give enough praise for both Dr. Haley and his entire staff. I am very grateful to be a patient of Dr. Haley’s.

In 1986 while opening a new bank account, we noticed the manager’s teeth and smile. Being new to the area, we asked her the name of her dentist. Her enthusiastic response was Dr. John Haley. We were smart enough to take her recommendation!

Dr. Haley is the most caring and pleasant dentist we ever encountered. And, he is always available when a problem arises. This kind man, his lovely wife, Mary, and all his staff make us feel like family.

We couldn’t get better care. We are most fortunate to have found them. Respecting them and loving them comes easy.